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Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

HandPlus® Latex Powder-Free Gloves are fully textured for a secure grip. Excellent use for wet or dry conditions.

HandPlus® Flex Vinyl Exam Gloves are our latest innovation of vinyl exam gloves constructed of synthetic polyvinyl. They provide versatile protection, comfort and flexibility as alternative to latex.  The gloves are durable and powder-free.

Disposable device for medical purposes that is worn on the examiner's hand or finger to prevent contamination between patient and examiner.  Ideally use in applications where thicker gloves are essential to provide better protection in hazardous environment, for special laboratory usage where superior grip is required.

HandPlus® Vinyl Gloves are our latest innovation of vinyl exam gloves made of pure PVC polymers. They provide versatile protection, comfort and flexibility which are ideal for food handling and for use in hair or beauty salon.  The gloves are textured for enhanced grip during wet and dry application.  The materials consist of low protein and powder-free.

With so many biological risks out there-known and unknown-it makes sense to increase one’s protection in specialized medical environments. That is why we
developed Uniseal® Safety Exam Gloves. It gives a full 10 mil latex barrier (nearly twice as much protection as regular exam gloves) against punctures, rips, and certain chemicals. They feature an extra-long 12” cuff for an added measure of safety and are fully textured for easy gripping.

Excellent grip with added protection, Uniseal SureGrip® Plus Gloves are thicker than standard exam gloves. The extra 50% mil thickness at the fingers is to
ensure higher durability and strength for working in a heavy-duty medical or industrial environment.

Uniseal® High-Risk Textured Exam Gloves are a full 12” long with 15 mil of latex giving the most protection of any glove we offer. Yet even with its thick barrier, most emergency personnel can locate a person’s pulse while wearing them. Its fully-textured surface makes it easy to pick up instruments and objects. With its thickness, sensitivity, and gripping ability, these gloves meet National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) specifications.

BlackSeal® Nitrile Exam Gloves are far more resistant to punctures and tears than latex or vinyl, and can stretch to twice its original length. Offered in black color, these gloves are often used in environments where stains like blood, ink, and paint are preferred less visible.

BlackSeal® Powder-Free Exam Gloves are made from 100% Natural Latex that has been chlorine washed to remove irritating proteins from the latex. This also
results in an extremely comfortable glove that meets the demands of ISO 9001 manufacturing standards. Offered in black color, BlackSeal® Latex Exam Gloves are often used in environments where stains like blood, ink, and paint are preferred to be less visible.

HandPlus Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves are the result of new formulation offering a combination of soft and strong gloves suitable for a wide range of applications in both medical and industrial fields. This advanced synthetic rubber formulation has a cool, dry, hand-comforming fit, and reisists puncures and tears better than other thin-wall gloves

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