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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Latex Exam Gloves - Proderma Powder-Free Smooth

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Uniseal Latex Exam Proderma Powder-Free Smooth Gloves Uniseal Latex Exam Proderma Powder-Free Smooth Gloves

Uniseal® Proderma Powder-Free Smooth Exam Gloves are top-of-the-line, low protein gloves that provide maximum skin comfort. Each glove is double washed by a state-of-the-art chlorinator to remove irritating proteins from the latex. It has a non-tacky finish, ideal for reducing skin or body hair abrasion during patient care procedures.  Excellent for contact with patient skin.

Special Features:

  • Smooth finish
  • Easy donning
  • Consistent and reliable quality
  • Low modulus compound for maximum softness and comfort
  • Ambidextrous
  • For single use only




Quality Standard:

  • Meets or exceeds the following standards: ASTM D3578, D5712, EN 455 (1&2), AS 40 (Australia), FDA, CE
  • Quality sampled in accordance with MIL STD 105D
  • ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing
  • Meets the Viral Penetration Test (ASTM F1671)

Gloves Specification

 Length (mm): 220 240 010-5XS
 Cuff thickness (mm): 0.08 0.10 010-6S
 Palm thicknes (mm): 0.08 0.12 010-7M
 Finger thickness (mm): 0.08 0.14 010-8L
 Tensile Strength   010-9XL
      Before aging (MPa): min. 18 min. 21   - 100 Gloves/ Box
      After aging (MPa): min. 14 min. 16   - 10 Boxes/ Case
 Elongation     - 1 Case = 0.866ft3
      Before aging (%) min. 650 700   
      After aging (%) min. 500 500   
 Protein Rating: max. 200 μg/g max. 50 μg/g   
 Pinholes watertight test FDA, AQL 2.5 AQL 1.5